Welcome to Classic Cars Art. Watercolour art by Giovanni Casander

Long ago

The first automobile I restored myself (with a little help of course) was an 1903 ALLDAYS & ONION. It had a single cylinder engine, wooden artillery wheels and it was the only 2 seater of its kind. My wife and I had huge fun with her. Only one small problem, she was a delight for the driving but a disaster for the derriere. Even the smallest bump in the road left its impression, literally! After many years of joy, and rather poetically, we eventually reunited her with the great- grandson of the original builder.

Love for art

Having been creative all my professional life, I still like to work with a brush or pencil either to make oil paintings, drawings or watercolours. All different kind of beautiful cars, especially prewar racing cars, are my inspiration.

Bentley dashboard

Even on a snowy day I loved to drive my Blower Bentley with the roof down. She had no problems with it. I myself needed of course a thick coat, scarf and my superlong gloves. It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
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