58. Auto Union type c

58. auto unionWhen, starting in 1938, the maximum engine displacement for Grand Prix cars was limited to 3 litres for blow engine, it became a V12. The Auto Union type c  was originally designed to 6 litre specifications, but would start at 4,360 cc and 295 bhp. It had two cylinder blocks, inclined at an angle of 45 degrees with 32 valves. The engine was designed to provide optimum torque at low engine speeds. The lay out of the car was unusual for the time, being mid-engined, years before the Cooper Car Company rediscovered the advantages. Hence, the lay out of the car front to rear handling reputation the cars had gained. Between 1935 and 1937 Auto Union cars won 25 races. Much has been written about the difficult handling characteristics of this car, but its tremendous power and accelaration were undeniable – a driver could induce wheelspin at over 100 mph (160 km). Here we see Manfred von Brouchitsch and Caracciola at the 1938 Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

Original watercolour of Auto Union type c


  • Signed by the Dutch artist Giovanni Casander himself
  • Watercolour on art paper
  • Not framed
  • Free International Shipping
  • Size : 28,5 x 20 cm = 11.22” x 7.87”
  • Price : € 495,–


Prints of this watercolour

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