61. Lion-Peugeot

61. Lion Peugeot


To understand why there were two Peugeot automobile businesses it is necessary to refer to a family disagreement that culminated in 1896 in Armand Peugeot leaving the family business which was called, at that stage : “Les Fils de Peugeot Frères”.  The sons of Peugeot brothers, Eugène and Armand Peugeot, who were related to eachother as second cousins, had recently taken over control of the succesful Peugeot metal-working business specialising in certain types of industrial and domestic components and tools. Eugène Peugeot opposed the necessary scale of investment in automobile making and 1896 his cousin split away to form Automobiles Peugeot. The cousins signed an agreement that gave Armand’s business the sole right to manufacture Peugeot Automobiles, the corollary of which was that the residual Peugeot business, under Eugène would stay out of the powered vehicle business. Despite the agreement between the Peugeot cousins, the residual business Eugène Peugeot to produce bicycles, tricycles and quadricycles, some with motors and some without. Relations with Armand evidently were not cordial.

Original watercolour of Lion-Peugeot


  • Signed by the Dutch artist Giovanni Casander himself
  • Watercolour on art paper
  • Not framed
  • Free International Shipping
  • Size : 29 x 20 cm = 11.41” x 7.87”
  • Price : € 495,–


Prints of this watercolour

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