16. Famous racer Barney Oldfield

16. Barney Oldfield_full

Barney Oldfield was an American automobile racer and pioneer.  He was the first man to drive a car at 60 miles per hours (96 km/h) on an oval. His accomplishments led to the expression “Who do you think you are ? Barney Oldfield”.

Oldfield was lent a gasoline-powered bicycle to race at Salt Lake City, which led to a meeting with Henry Ford. Ford had readied two automobiles for racing and he asked Oldfield if he would like to test one at Ford’s Grosse Pointe track. Oldfield agreed to drive against the current champion Alexander  Winton. Oldfield was rumored to have learned how to operate the controls of that car the morning of the event. Oldfield won by a half mile in the five mile (8 km) race. He slid through the corners like a motorcycle racer did instead of braking. It was a great victory for  Ford and led both Barney Oldfield and Ford to become household names.

Original watercolour of Barney Oldfield

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