Bugatti type 35

69. Bugatti type 35


Victory for Bugatti, look at their smiling faces. I am smiling too because the exposition of my watercolours at The Gallery in Brummen is a fact: until 8th March 2014.

Bugatti type 59

68. Bugatti type 59


My last watercolour in 2013 is of the Bugatti 59, their last racecar made in 1934.  More watercolours to come of course in the new year.

I wish you all the best for 2014.


Auto Union type c

Auto Union type C


Giving full throttle when driving at 160 kms per hour the result was wheelspin. To prevent this double tyres at the back were needed.

Bugatti type 35

66. Bugatti type 35



A big smile after your victory and you are wright : you can be proud of yourself Louis!

Alfa Romeo 158

65. Alfa Romeo 158


Some good advice before the race starts.  The Alfa Romeo 158  is one of the most successful racing cars ever produced.

Alfa Romeo P3 monoposto

64. Alfa Romeo P3 monoposto


What a relaxed atmosphere compared to actual races where much more money is involved. Don’t you think?



Bob Petersen Derby Bentley Special Supercharged 3.5 litre

62. Bob Petersen Derby Bentley Special Supercharged 3.5 litre



Isn’t she a beauty? I am so proud of my friend Bob Petersen who built this car.


61. Lion Peugeot

My wife had other jobs planned for me this summer and women rule our lives, don’t they? Sorry I kept you waiting …

Darracq 200hp

Darracq 200hp

A visit to the beautiful carmuseum Louwman in The Hague,,  inspired me to make this watercolour of a Darracq.

Miller racecar

Miller race car

This time some sexy boys to please my lady customers …..


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