Miller racecar

Miller race car

This time some sexy boys to please my lady customers …..


Auto Union

auto union

Difficult to handle but tremendously powerful. That reminds me of something ….

Jaguar XK 120

Jaguar XK 120

I have had the privilege of owning a Jaguar such as this one. Fortunately my car has not been damaged, but then again, I never signed up for the Le Mans race…


MG - C

Jumping for joy! Finally summer in the Netherlands so I can drive with the top down.

Benz race car

55. Benz Racecar 1912

Fortunately technique has improved over the last 100 years. The display of my Mini Cooper Clubman even monitors loss of pressure in one of its tires (Flat Tire Monitor).






Austin seven – the baby Austin

Austin Seven

Small, smaller, smallest. Isn’t she cute ?

Auto Union

Auto Union

My wife adores this image because the colours perfectly match her new earrings ! Happy mothersday!

Ferrari 250 GTO

 Ferrari 250 gto

When I was 22 I dreamt about driving this car and I still do .. It is not a nightmare !

Ferrari 250 swb

51. Ferrari 250 swb

Fast, Faster, Fastest ! What a monster ! My present for Fathersday ? I hope so ….

Tazio Nuvolari

50. Tazio Nuvolari Alfa Romeo

Tazio Nuvolari looks rather happy filling up his fuel tank . I usually don’t !


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